Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More painting tonight!

Hi all, well tonight has found me once again at the painting desk slaving over some Warmachine.  I have 90% finished a unit of 6 Mechanithralls for my Cryx army.

Once they're finished tommorow(ish) I will post up a picture of them, but in the meantime I will post some pictures of some completed Cryx figures.  This is for my benefit as well as yours, as it gives me strength to carry on!

Why do us gamers continue to buy figures when we already have loads of stuff to make and paint?

Lucky dice

                                           Most of my battlegroup so far.

                                          Converted pirate queen Skarre.

                                          Skarlock Thrall

                                          Converted Stitch(p**s) thralls.

                                          Cheeky chap.

                                          Ripper Bone jack.

                                                    Bane knight.

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