Saturday, 13 November 2010

I ran a Warmachine intro game this week

Hi all, well as you may of gathered I play Cyrx for warmachine.  I ran an introduction game for a couple of new club members this week at West Cornwall Games Club and they both thoroughly enjoyed the system.  We played 15 points per side and a it was Cryx versus Khador.

After running through the basics of play we kicked off with Cyrx first turn, nothing much happened other than to advance.  Skarlock used his ability to cast one of Skarre's spells and successfully killed of one of the necrosurgeon's stitch thralls for extra focus next turn.  The Khador also advanced in there first turn and the widowmakers took up a good position in woods to the side of the main advance.  The 2 heavy Khador jacks shielded warcaster Sorcha from sight really well.

Round two found Skarre rolling up an additional 1 focus and placing that immediately on one of her deathrippers on the left flank, she put another focus onto the other Deathripper on the right flank.  The right Deathripper ran up onto a hill, which gave it LOS to the Khador jacks.  The other ripper also ran forward.  Six Mechanithralls ran forwards and got into position to take on the Khador jacks when they advanced next.  The unit of bane thralls came around from the right to make headway against the Khador jacks advance and possibly take on the widowmakers.  Skarlock used the same spell to kill of another stitch thrall.  The Skarre moved up and using the arcnode in the right hand ripper she put backlash onto the khador juggernaut.

In the Khador turn the Destroyer unleashed its bombard onto the Mechanithralls removing 2 of them.  Meanwhile the Juggernaut charged the right hand ripper on the hill and did what Khador jacks do best.  The widow makers walked up to the edge of the woods and opened fire on the Bane's on the right, to which one fell.

Round three saw Skarre rolling an additional 2 focus, then upkeeping the backlash on the Juggernaut before moving forward. Then she cast dark guidance.  The Mechanithralls charged the rear of the Juggernaut on the hill to her right, and with the aid of dark guidance they steam fisted their way through the thick armour of the jack, crippling both arms and damaging its movement.  The bane's also charged the Juggernaut and quickly reduced it to rubble with the aid of dark guidance.  So with one dead jack a piece the action was heating up.  Skarlock moved up and killed off the last stitch thrall for more focus next turn.

The Khador turn found the destroyer bombarding the Bane's on the hill with good effect and 3 fell. The the widow makers cleaned up one more with their hunting rifles.  The tide of war had swung in favour of the Khador.  Sorcha then stepped out of her cover behind the Destroyer, before popping her feat and freezing pretty much all of the Cryx.

Round four was a short round for the Cryx as most of them were frozen by Sorcha's Icy gaze.  All that the Cryx could do was generate focus, so on top of Skarre's normal six she rolled another six due to ritual sacrifice.  That meant that Skarre had an armour value of 27 for this round.......Phew!  Skarlock was outside of Sorcha's icy gaze so was able to kill off the necrosurgeon for another round of extra focus.

The Khador turn found the destroyer bombarding Skarre and Skarlock, killing Skarlock in the process.  Then one of the widow makers cleaned up the last Banethrall with his hunting rifle, then the remaining three widow makers fired at the mechanithralls, which finished them off. It was not looking good for the Cryx.  Sorcha nicely moved back into cover behind the Destroyer.

In round 5 Skarre rolled up an extra 3 focus and cast dark guidance, popped her feat, and then charged the Destroyer.  Using her great rack she knocked the destroyer over and having boosted the damage roll she caused some damage.  Skarre then used her primary weapon to cause even more boosted damage, destroying the right arm of the jack in the process, another boosted attack with her sacrificial dagger hurt the jack even more.

All that the Khador could do was shake the Destroyer and attempt to hit Skarre, but with both arm systems crippled it was never going to be easy, suffice to say that failed.  The Sorcha walked around into melee  with Skarre, but was unable to inflict more than 3 damage due to Skarre's feat still helping her out with +5 armour.

In the Final round of the game, Skarre used great rack to knock Sorcha over and do 3 damage, then she cleaved her with takkaryx ending the game.

What a great introduction it was, and more importantly, we're now getting two more players at the club.

Lucky dice


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