Thursday, 9 June 2011

More change

Hi all, well, what a week.  Last Sunday I was up at Comicon in Wrexham for my last outing as a GCN rep.  The day was good, with plenty of interest in the games we ran, especially the Lord of The Rings.

In life sometimes we find that you have lots of spare time and at other periods you have none.  I am currently in a no spare time section of my life.  I have therefore had to step down as a rep for the GCN.  I do this with a heavy heart, but I feel that I have made change in Cornwall.  I just feel that I could not comit to the travelling any longer, and to become a static rep was something I never would become.  I believe that anyone who is a rep should be a real driving force, so trying to do this from behind a computer screen goes against my personal view of being a representative of an organisation like the GCN.

I shall continue to work within the GCN, but very much behind the scenes.  My first role will be completing the Reps guide which I have started to write. I would like to thank all of the GCN, for making my 2 years a very happy time.

So there you go, a short post today, but a sad one.

There is however, things that I am working on, and hopefully good news to come.

Lucky dice