Saturday, 19 March 2011

Doing a little bit to help out!

All the club subs from next weeks club meeting will be going to Shelterbox in Helston, Cornwall to help with their efforts in Japan. I would like to ask all members of West Cornwall Games Club to attend next week so that we can raise just a few quid to help out. We will obviously accept additional donations.

The Japanese authorities have officially accepted the offer of assistance from this little known Cornish charity. Shelterbox are often the first oversea's aid to reach natural disasters around the globe.  They can pack and dispatch up to 1000 boxes per day from their Helston site, and they have teams of trained operatives ready to drop everything and go to these disaster area's.
It would be great if other games clubs and/or individuals would follow this and do similar.

God bless to the people of Japan, in their time of need


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