Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hi all,  well as some may know I am attending the upcoming Warmachine campaign weekend at Triple helix wargames, which is being run by the legion of snake eyes.  Having been talked into becoming a member (curse my inability to say 'NO') of said club, I have also taken on the task of building a themed board for the event.

It all started with an idea to make a dock / harbour for my club, so that we could use it for warmachine and various other games.  I just so happened to mention this to my fellow Legion member Dan, and he suggested that I build the board.  So that was about 2 weeks ago, and so far I am just under half way through this mamoth task.

To drive my enthusiasm a bit further I thought I'd post up some pics of the board so far:

First building on the first harbour pier, the flooring is all cast from a custom mold that I made.

Top down view of the water section, showing recessed steps at the back and the side of the slipway.

View accross the harbour towards the first building

 The first pier, showing the building in the background with the harbour gallows on the end of the pier section.

I still have a lot to do, and I will work on the detailing of these parts also, like bollards and rope along the edge of the piers, well we wouldn't want any Jacks falling the 6 1/2 inches into the murky depths below (or would we?).

Well, watch this space for updates on this project and with a bit of luck I'll get it finished on time.

Lucky dice


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