Thursday, 6 January 2011

Battle report - Mosh Pit

Hi all,  Just got in from a club night and had a great game tonight.

We played warmahordes, with myself(Cryx), Dan using his Retribution, and Adam played his Legion of everblight.

We used the scenario Moshpit, as it can be a 3 way game, we rolled off to take corners on the board and laid out a large hill centrally to act as the pit.  Dan won the toss and promptly ran like stink towards the hill, using his jacks abilities to gain additional speed.  I responded likewise by running everything except Skarlock, who walked up behind my stitchthralls and murdered one for ritual sacrifice.  It then fell to Adam who did similar.

Round 2 found Dan getting two jacks into the moshpit, this was not going to be easy.  I then ran one of my deathrippers up onto the hill also, so at least the moshpit would be contested.  I activated Skarre and arced backlash onto one of his jacks, followed by blood rain, which missed and scattered by 1" onto the intended target plus the neighbouring jack - Bonus!  No damage as it was half strength, but at least they were both now covered in a nice layer of acid.  The rest of my turn was just moving through some woods to ready the advance up the hill with my troops.  Adam also advanced, ready to strike.

Round 3 came as a bit of a suprise.  Dan decided wisely, not to try to slam my deathripper off the hill, which, if succesful would of won him the game.  This was wise move because he was 1/4 inch out of range.  He did however charge the ripper and do considerable damage, including crippling the arcnode.  Dan moved his other jack out of the moshpit, and into a retaliative position, so he could exploit Adams army, as it advanced past him.  Dan then put covering fire right in front of my advance.

I activated Skarre, having rolled up an additional 6 focus thanks to another round of ritual sacrifice.  She popped her feat for five wounds, cast dark guidance.  My second ripper ran up onto the hill.  I then walked my bane thralls into combat with his jack, with one of them falling prey to the covering fire, five attacked and four hit, but with weapon master P+S 16(skarre's feat) things would not go well for that jack, even though I forgot to include the dark shroud modifier, they still pummelled the Jack to pieces. That left the hill to me and the game came to an end.

We played on as we did not have enough time to start another game, and in the end me and Adam pretty much slaughtered Dans Retribution army, with the final blow coming from a deathripper slammed his caster into a wall.

All in all and very fun game, and I look forward to the next time.

Lucky dice


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